Hiatus About Done…

A year between posts ought to evidence some wise and impressive prose.

Or, confusion, uncertainty and procrastination. Must I choose one?

Health and family issues, mine and other’s, interfere at all the wrong times. All of us have been down that path, through those dark woods and scrambled brambles. This site has been languishing in the background and occasionally springs into the foreground, pestering me to get on  with next steps.

Okay, okay, already. You’ve got my attention, again. I’ll return to the fold and get productive. Let the lawn ‘mature’, watch the weeds take over, and ignore the car’s squeaks harmonizing with its squeals. The brakes can wait; I’ll improve my defensive driving, leave earlier, drive slower and look with more care. YOU watch for my beat-up, blue pickup.

Meanwhile, I’d better get back to driving this keyboard.

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